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What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Building Your Website and Making It Rank.

A Digital Marketing Agency can build your website and after building it and after getting your approval the website can go for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Designing Your Graphics.

A Graphic Designer combines art and technology to communicate ideas by using a variety of design elements to archive artistic or decorative effects.

Marketing Your Products And Services.

A Digital Marketer is well aware of all the platforms where it can promote your work. Socially a Digital Marketer uses platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc for marketing.

Go Viral with One of the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow

India is going Digital! And it’s happening swiftly. Many businesses are going digital to meet the need of the time. As this was becoming a thing among companies, the pandemic has just pushed the process. Brands need to reach their audience, and with the growing technology, online medium is the best opportunity to do so.
Digital Marketing is the tool that will take your business to your target audience in no time. It paves your path to a successful Online Brand. Traditional Marketing is just telling them about your Brand, but digital marketing also gets its take on your Brand.
Digital Marketing enables the targeting of the audience interested in your Brand and drastically reduces your investment.
This is where Viral Addaa comes into action. We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow with one of the best Digital Marketing Services.
We work with you and customize our strategies according to your needs.

Let's Get Your Brand Go Viral

Our Digital Marketing Services

Web Development

Your website is the heart & soul of your business. At Viral Addaa, we build the kind of website our clients wants us to. Customizing as per your needs and demands is what we specialize in.

Social Media Marketing

Today Social Media Marketing is of utmost importance for any business that aims at growing your brand. Our Social Media Marketing Services in Lucknow helps you target the right audience.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is the need of the hour. The ranking of a website largely depends on SEO. With our SEO Services in Lucknow, you can make sure your website ranks better than others.

Branding Consultancy

Viral Addaa is a team of Digital Marketing Experts with several years of experience. Talk to our industry experts for better insights and guidance on how to grow your business & boost your sales.

E-commerce Marketing

Want to build a highly responsive E-commerce website and at the same time market it right to get the maximum ROI? Let us help you to get the most out of your marketing budget and increase your sales.

PPC Advertising (SEM)

Also known as Google ads and SEM is a way to make your product or service appear on top of the Search Engine Result Page.Viral Addaa helps you build the most optimised and cost-effective campaigns.

What Make Us The Best Digital Marketing Company In Lucknow?


We make our clients enter our world and make them see everything that we see or we know. There are no curtains or secrets between us and our clients.


5 elements that lead to a successful victory are:
A strong leadership team, Disciplined approach to their business, Ability to strategically use tools Expertise/ Specialist, the wise use of Trusted Outside Providers. Viral Addaa stands true on all these elements and proves itself one of the best leading Digital Marketing Agency In Lucknow.


Viral Addaa provides you with the best ideas, not only the ideas provided to you here are out of the box but also are unique and different from all others.


Digital platform is something where nature is dynamic. So decisions need to be taken timely and quickly in all aspects. Any digital marketing agency leading to a slow decision is not gonna work if you want quick as well as good results for your website you need to hire a digital marketing agency that guarantees your quick decisions. Viral Addaa promises you everything you want.

TOOLS (Skills To Use Them)


Viral Addaa team is well known for all the tools that are needed to make your website the finest in all terms. Therefore, with tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, our team has expertise in all such tools used to make a website most effective in all manner.

Best Website Designing Agency
Best SEO Agency
Best Social Media Marketing Agency
We help you grow your business.

Grow your business with us!

We provide Digital Marketing Services in Lucknow. We try hard to make sure that the Online Marketing services we provide are complete, high-quality services and an ultramodern solution that can assure return on investment for our clients.

Web Development
Give a face and soul to your brand with amazing designs by Viral Addaa. Let your brand evolve in Digital World
Social Media Marketing
Build a connect with you target audience directly & meet them in their Space
SEO Services
Viral Addaa let's you stay above your competitor & take your brand to new heights.
Branding Consultancy
Confused about your business? Then with Viral Addaa you don't have to worry.
E-commerce Marketing
Interested in E-commerce? Viral Addaa got you. We create we market.
PPC Advertising
Running Ads takes a lot. But with Viral Addaa: One of the best Digital Marketing Service in Lucknow you don't have to worry

What makes us Unique

Your goals are our goals. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we aim to help your businesses succeed.
At Viral Addaa, we don’t directly jump onto the service, but we proceed after thorough research about the entire business and its shortcomings. We strategize things as per your needs and requirements. Our tailor-made plans help your business achieve the desired goals.

How will Viral Addaa Help You?

Digital Branding

With the help of Digital Branding, we'll be able to get your customers involved thereby creating a unique user experience. It not only includes the creation of banner ads but also showcasing your company's best features to your target audience. Take your brand to new heights with us.

Creative Work

Creativity is the heart and soul of any business. And making sure that your USP makes you stand out of the lot is our job. At Viral Addaa, we make sure that there is ample amount of innovation happening in your little digital space creating uniqueness in your brand.

Reputation Managment

Maintaining the online reputation of a business is of importance. It not only decides your current sales but also leaves a significant impact on the future of business. From reverting to positive feedbacks to handling a negative comment, we're here for you.

Our Approach towards Digital Marketing

Picture your progress with our 5 ‘P’ approach











The first & essential step towards your goal is to research and create a qualified plan to execute and kickstart your progressive journey.

Preparing all the resources and executing the plan with all the experience and expertise. Viral Addaa prepares the base for your progress.

After we are done with the basic structure of your growth strategy, we at Viral Addaa perfect every bit of the plan for success.

After perfectionalizing the plan to success we move on to the next step & that is or launching your customized plan into action.

After promoting, we thoroughly analyze the result of the plan, then draw our conclusions & re-structure our plan if needed.

Make Your Brand Grow With Next Level Visitor

Your audience is the core of your growth. With Digital Marketing, you get your ideal and quality audience, which helps increase your revenue. Build your online presence with one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies in Lucknow. Viral Addaa aims at taking your brand to the next level with the next level audience.

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Business Consultant
Website Designing And Development
PPC Services
E-commerce Marketing

Be on the Top of your Game & Generate Dreamy Revenue

With Viral Addaa, be assured that you will be receiving the best Digital Marketing Services.
We build websites that are not only user-friendly but equally responsive as well.
We make sure that Google crawls your website so that it ranks better.
We make sure that your ads rank on the top of the Search Engine Result Page.
We make sure that your social media presence counts & your brand reaches out to a wider audience.

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