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Viral Addaa, the most trusted SEO company in Lucknow. We makes no tall claims or promises about SEO Results. However, we do promise lots of traffic, better visibility in searches, more conversions, and net growth in revenues.

Viral SEO Services in Lucknow

Viral Adda has been on top of Digital Marketing Services and has been ranked as the best SEO marketing service In Lucknow. From basic analysis to decoding the intense high-level transcripts that help our client an edge in the market and with a team of specialists that has been known for the fast approach and result oriented strategy. We at Viral Addaa offer you nothing but the best minds in the digital field with enriched and experienced team players.
We will help you meet your grow your business by increasing your digital footprint, allowing your business to achieve the growth you have always wanted.





Our SEO Services in Lucknow

With our headquarters in Lucknow, Viral Addaa is a bunch of enthusiastic and dedicated Digital Marketers. We are providing services to not only to the clients in Lucknow but to all businesses across.

Site Audit

The first and for most thing for SEO is understanding all the issues and short comings in the process and forming a strategy to work on. The expert team of Viral Addaa will give the best audit report and strategy possible.

Keyword Research

Researching the best keywords for your Website, analyzing what your competitors are using for keywords, and then we try to research the keyword best suitable for your website and Brand Growth. We at Viral Addaa Do our best possible research for our clients.

On-Page SEO

We analyze your website’s structure, internal architecture & other key elements that play a role in ranking. We try to bring the website and its content as according to the need for ranking. Viral Addaa has got the team of expert that will make this task a cake walk.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page plays an important role in ranking a website. We know how difficult it could be to get quality links and improve your ranking. Quality links help defines the ranking of your website. We at Viral Addaa find the best and relevant Website for backlink creation. 

Local SEO

As important as On-Page and Off-Page are you also need Local SEO to enhance the value of your brand. Local SEO involves GMB management and with other activities like citations etc. Professionals at Viral Adddaa help in enhancing local presence.

International SEO

SEO is a flexible process in terms of time and location. We not only help brands in India but we also provide services to International Brands and let your brand boom in multiple locations. Viral Addaa has experienced experts for every task. 

Our Approach

Research is what provides the base for our whole SEO strategy. We at Viral Addaa make sure to dig deep and make a strategic plan that suits the goal of your brand. This research involves various steps including keyword research, competitor research and strategy research.

After research the step that comes is planning. From the strategy to implementation of the strategy every bit of it needs planning. We plan every step of the strategy. Here at Viral Addaa we plan the strategy step by step and make sure to get your brand to stand out of the crowd.

After we plan out all the steps in the strategy. We move on to the next that is getting all the pre-requisite needed for successful implementation of the strategy. We get everything ready and done with on our end and make sure to get whatever is required.

Then is the last and most visible part of our approach. All the research, planning, & preparation done till now is put into action and we get to every minor detail & make sure every thing is in as good position as it should be. And our work doesn't end here we analyze & repeat the process if required.

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    SEO Agency in Lucknow

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    • Ecommerce SEO- With the help of E-commerce SEO we transform your business presence. We not only help you gain greater visibility but also help you reach your potential customers.

    • Global SEO- With Global SEO reach out to a wider audience and make the presence of your website felt on the world wide web
    • Online Reputation Management- Our online reputation management solution ensures you always have a positive rating and our meticulous watch takes care of negatives that are buried or resolved.

    Why Viral Addaa SEO Services Are Best Compared To Others

    We could cite dozens of reasons but a few are sufficient

    • Viral addaa promises to provide the best SEO services in Lucknow. With a team of people having expertise, knowledge and experience we are not only rendering services to Indian clients but also globally.

    • Viral addaa, we don’t jump to conclusions. We know it well that it is the research, analysis, and fine-tuning strategies that get results. We assure our clients a perfect blend of cohesive and cogent strategy
    • We are affordable in that our rates are low compared to the high quality of guaranteed results services we offer.
    • We build relationships that last and provide full support

    Drive more traffic to your Website.

    Viral Addaa, the most trusted SEO company in Lucknow, makes no tall claims or promises about its search engine optimization. However, we do promise lots of traffic, better visibility in searches, more conversions, and net growth in revenues.

    The #1 SEO Service Company

    • We are an experienced and talented team of passionate consultants who live and breathe search engine.

    • We have developed search strategies for leading brands to small and medium-sized businesses across many industries.